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Who's side are you really on? by Frostismylife
Who's side are you really on?
Elsa: I've already heard enough, Jack. *walks away*
Jack: War doesn't determine who is right...only who is left, Elsa. 
Elsa: *stops and just stands there back facing Jack*
Jack: And I want to know if you're going to fight along the side with me, or against me. 
Elsa: ...
Jack: *turns around, and heads back towards the castle* Please don't make the wrong decision, Elsa. 
Well Ello there people! Yes I'm still alive xD How's summer treatin' ya? :3 AND YES ANOTHER JELSA! I'm sorry for those that hate this ship I was listening to the soundtrack of Death Note and just thought of dramatic scene between Jack, and Elsa. I've seen a few people post some art where Elsa would join Pitch's side and stuff, so voila. So Death Note + Inspiration from other deviants = THIS! :iconsuperw00tplz: Also feel free to leave a comment stating what will Elsa do? (Picking sides I mean not like *Elsa turns around, runs towards Jack, and puts her arms around while crying and saying.* JACK I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU, AND I KNOW THAT LOVE IS JUST SHOUT INTO THE VOID, AND THAT OBLIVION IS INEVITABLE, AND- (opps wrong fandom, and got carried away xD *cough* But you get the point)
Dude....Jelsa x fault in our stars... *SQUEEEEE* Sorry, Sorry. :3
Have a good day people! Keep being awesome! I know you will! *brofist*

“Don’t you love our job?” A tall blonde teen aged boy said sarcastically as he watched his prey down below in the streets running for its life. The boy was in a crouched position on the very edge of a tall old building, and kept looking at his prey.

“Yeah, I totally love chasing people who actually think they can out run us. Tell me again why we got this job again?” This time it was a teenage girl with a brown pixie haircut, not as tall as the boy but nearly the same height, she put her gloves on, and looked down the building.

“Because we’re the best of the best, and it’s what we signed up for, remember?” The boy looked up at his partner.

“Yeah yeah... Being the lap dogs of the military.” She whispered, and glancing at her partner one last time. She lowered her hands to have two blades come out of her long black sleeved T-shirt, she held a tight grasp onto them, and jumped off the building.

“There she goes…” The boy smirked, and watched as she fell gracefully. The girl got closer, and closer to the building facing the one she jumped off of. She quickly brought her blades to stab them into the building to slow down her pace, and reached the ground perfectly. Once she was stable on the ground, she ran with all her might after the man, at this rate she would catch up with him in a matter of minutes. The man on the loose was a serial killer, and had killed many of the military’s best soldiers.

“Hey Megan are you going to try to beat your record or should I say… my record? Which you’ll never beat.” The boy said through Megan’s earpiece. Megan smirked while picking up the pace, and taking a sharp turn to the left to find herself in an alley to round up in the main street.

“Don’t act so cocky, Alex. I’ll beat your record with my eyes closed.” Megan caught a glimpse of the serial killer as he took a sharp turn down a valley. As Megan ran towards the valley and found a dead end. Megan shook her head, and snickered.

“Cliche” She felt someone’s presence behind her, and quickly got her blades out. She turned around, and swung her swords, and found no one there.

“Huh.” Megan smirked as she stared in front of her, and quickly ducked. Just as she had suspected the man played the oldest trick in the book, and swung her leg to knock him off his feet but he knew that it was coming, he simply jumped over the attack. Since Megan was in a crouched position on the ground she used her strength to do a back-flip, and actually managed to hit the man in the face. She now was back into fighting stance with her blades ready to fight.

“A state killer…” The man simply smirked, “I’ll enjoy making your head one of my prize possessions.”

“I would like to see you try.” Megan glared at the man.  The man got out a pair of metallic spinning blades, and swung. Megan quickly leaned backwards to dodge making the blades miss her by an inch.  She swung her blades to only have them hit his circular blades and create an enjambment. He used his strength to make both of her blades fly into the air. She had to take action quickly before they would fall back down, and probably stab her in the head. She quickly threw her leg in the air to make her foot hit him in the face but he grabbed her foot, and simply smirked as the blades were coming down quickly, and straight towards her.

“Shit.” She used all her strength on her free leg, and pushed her body to kick him in the face yet again and spun her body at the same time. Her actions made the man fall to the ground and let go of her foot; Also let go of his blades. Megan quickly rolled forward onto the ground to grab her blades, and was about to attack the man, But he wasn’t there anymore.

“Sneaky bastard.” Megan glared at her surroundings, and found something red blinking a few feet away. Her eyes widened as she ran back towards the main street and quickly took off her gloves revealing her markings imprinted on her palm of her hands, and touched the ground while running.

“Megan you have 3 minutes left to beat my record, better hurry up.” Alex stood up from the edge of the building, and could see her running, but no serial killer to be seen.

“Not right now, Alex.” Megan said while running as fast as she can, and stopped brutally in her tracks. She brought her hands to the ground, and motioned them upwards quickly to have a concrete wall appear right before her. Just as she had made the concrete wall, the bomb was set off, she quickly slammed her back onto to the wall the cover herself from the explosion. The flames of the explosion passed her, making a huge gust of wind, and warmth fly past her. Alex watched as the huge flames developed around most of the buildings, and destroyed many of them. Alex hesitated on going after her to make sure she was alright, or to stay there and let her do her thing.

“Meg?” Alex said in a stern voice, and waited for an answer.

“Holy shit that was close.” Megan peeked from the concrete wall she had created, and saw only the ruins of the buildings. Alex signed in relief to hear her voice, and shook his head for worrying about her. Megan rested her head on the wall, and was out of breathe. She looked at her markings, and let the pain seep in a bit.

“I’m coming down.” Alex said while getting his handgun, and getting geared up.

“W-What?! Don’t you…” Megan got up, “dare…” She lost some balance, and leaned on the wall to gain some stability.

“You used hybrid didn’t you?!” Alex yelled as he jumped from roof to roof from every building.

“I swear if you come here and help me... I’m going to kill you.” Megan pushed herself off the wall, and looked around for the serial killer.

“Oohhh scary.” Alex said as he jumped down from a roof, and just as he reached the ground it started to rain hard. 'Rain…great…'Alex thought to himself

“I’m doing this on my own, Alex. If I see your face down here I’ll make sure to destroy that pretty face of yours…Now where is that bastard?” Megan looked to the ground to see her blades, just as she was about to grab her blades, she found a silhouette in front of her about 20 feet way.

“Right here, princess. You don’t look too good.” The man smirked at Megan while spinning his circular blades.

“I’ve never been better.” She looked down towards her blades.

“Ah ah ah…” The man pointed on of his blades towards towards her, “Don’t use those yet.”

“What?” As Megan said that, she looked around her to see that she was completely surrounded by the man’s henchmen. She had counted to find a total of 6 henchmen, and could make out from the pouring the rain two had machine guns, and the others had nothing but their bare hands, maybe a knife here and there but that was it.

“Get her!” The man yelled, and had all of his men aim their guns at her. The man backed away from the scene to watch the show, and leaned against a wall. Megan glanced around her, she still had her concrete wall behind her so she clearly can take cover for a few seconds no longer than that. 4 of his men started racing towards her to attack, Megan quickly picked up her blades, and got ready.

“Fire!” The two henchmen pulled the trigger to their machine guns, and fired towards her. Megan blocked all the bullets with her blades, and deflected most of the bullets. Megan had to move fast the other henchmen were right behind her.

“Your machine guns are starting to…” Megan ran at lightning speed towards one of the henchmen’s holding the machine gun, “PISS ME OFF!” She did a high kick to knock the machine gun out of one of the henchmen’s hands, and tried to punch him but he simply moved his head to the side just as she predicted. Megan was right he did fall for the trick she then elbowed the henchmen right into his neck knocking him out. The serial killer stood from afar watching the show, and waiting for this state killer to die, with impatience. The other henchmen with a machine gun moved his aim towards her and shot full blast. She quickly used the knocked out henchmen for a shield, and let the bullets sink into his body. She knew it wouldn't last long as a shield, but she had to move quickly. Just as she was about to move, someone had grabbed her from behind, and forced her blades to drop out of her hands.

“SHOOT HER NOW!” The henchmen yelled struggling to keep the teenage girl still. Megan had her hands behind her back, and tried getting out of the man’s grasp. She hit her head real hard on the henchmen’s face making him let her go, and flipped him over her right when the other henchmen started shooting. All the bullets hit the man’s body, and Megan had enough time to grab her blades, and finish the guy with the machine gun.  She threw one of her blades towards the henchmen, and it hit the man’s shoulder. As he yelled in pain, and fell towards the ground, his machine gun kept shooting, and shot two other henchmen’s by accident.

“One more to go.” Megan gave the last henchmen a dead eye stare, and growled.

“I didn’t sign up for this!” The last henchmen just ran off until he wasn’t visible anymore from the rain. The serial killer growled, and dropped his blades which could be barely heard from the pouring rain. He then took out a gun from his boot, and headed towards Megan. As she turned around to now face the serial killer, she found herself being face to face with him.

“Boo.” The man had his gun touching Megan’s right shoulder, and shot before she could do anything. She yelled in pain, and fell to the ground holding her shoulder.

“You’re quiet the trouble maker aren’t you?” The man looked down at Megan, “Killing nearly all of my men, and always coming back stronger, but this time I’ll make sure you die.”

“Sorry she has other plans.” A deep voice said while being behind the serial killer, just as the man turned around to see who it was, he was sent flying to a wall of a building, and was stuck there. The man opened his eyes, and saw spikes of whatever the material was pinning him to the wall. From the launch the man had already broken a bunch of ribs, and had one of the spins coming real close to his throat.  The man started to laugh while staring at Alex who still has his hand held up with the gesture of holding the man.

“So you’re that type… two state killers with amazing skills in fighting and in hybrid. You two must be Alex Evans, and Megan Wilde.” As the man continued to laugh, Megan slowly got up and held her shoulder from the pain. She grabbed one of her fallen blades, and walked towards Alex. She stood there beside him, and glaring at the man.

“You’re the military’s pride possessions, their lap dogs, and the fear to every criminal’s eyes. But you know what? one day someone is going to stand up to you two, and kill you guys. Oh and they’ll make sure they make you two suffer as much as you did to all of us.” The man chuckled, “The military are sending you guys to kill these ‘cruel’ murderers, but really you guys are the real murderers! The military wants their country to be safe from the killings, and evil…Yet they’re killing thousands, and training thousands more to do the same dirty work.”

“Enough…” Alex said looking downwards towards the ground.

“You think you’re doing this country a favor? HA! You’re just considered like any other criminal…A killer…So in a way criminals and state killer are alike…” The man smirked.

“ENOUGH!” Alex looked up with fire in his eyes, “You think we’re alike?! We don’t kill people because we feel like it, and we don’t enjoy it.” Alex’s hand started to clench a bit making the spins start hitting the man’s flesh, and making the man let out a bloodcurdling scream.

“We have to do it because it’s our duty! And most importantly to have less people like you around!” Alex fully clenched his fist, and it was over for this serial killer. Alex panted from the anger he had in him, and turned around to stare at Megan. But he found Megan’s blade being held onto his throat, he simply looked to the side to look at her.

“I told you not to help me...” Megan growled while avoiding contact with Alex.

“You know what?! Not one word from you, Megan. I’m sick of this, you didn’t need my help huh?! What would've happened if I wasn’t there to save you?!”

“I would’ve killed him without any of your help! I never wanted your help anyways so I don’t see why you’re getting mad at me for-”

“That’s not the point Megan!” Alex simply pushed the blade away from his throat, “you always ignore everyone when they offer to help, and you think all the weight of the world is on your shoulders. When will you understand that you’re not alone?!”

“Once this war is over, and once we stop killing…” Megan stared at Alex, “I’m done arguing with you, Alex. Let’s just forget about this argument, and head on back to headquarters.” Just as Megan was about to walk she fell to her knees, and had used her blade to catch herself.

“You’ve lost a lot of blood from the gunshot, and you used your hybrid, draining most of your energy.” Alex crouched down next to her, and put one of his fingers onto her injured shoulder. He then wrote in an ancient language the symbol of health (cho ku rei reiki) once he finished drawing the invisible symbol on her arm he pressed his hand on it. Megan flinched from the contact, but relaxed after a few seconds

“By the way Alex I won the bet…” Megan smiled, the symbol started to glow, and it started to heal her wound. Megan slowly closed her eyes, and fell asleep. He looked at his watch, and noticed she beat his record by 30 seconds. He laughed softly, and carefully picked her up.

“ only beat me because I helped you.” Alex said while staring at his sleeping best friend, and walked towards the direction of headquarters.
Killers Chapter 1
I had this idea for a long time, and decided to finally submit it :D Like I said in the beginning I was inspired from one of my favorite anime's Fullmetal Alchemist for all the military terms and ranks in the military because honestly I have no clue when it comes to that xD You haven't seen many of the terms yet but in the next chapter it will pop up :P  It also inspired me for the magic or power that the teenagers are using xD It's not alchemy but what they have is absorbing the element and using it to their advantage. So hope you liked it and don't be shy to leave a comment to tell me what I should improve in or something you didn't like or if you just want to say hi! xD Also if most of what's going on in the chapter doesn't make sense DON'T WORRY it's normal xD Everything will be explained in due time. Thank you for actually reading it or just at least acknowledging it :P Keep being awesome, I know you will! *brofist*
Hello people of the internet! It's been ages hasn't it? You have no idea how busy I've been from getting good grades in school, my whole family losing all of our laptops because they're all at least 5 years old, and gave up on life. Plus a bunch of family crap going it's been a long year that's all I have to say really. xD Okay so now that i have a new laptop (well already used but hey it works) I can finally write some more! So I know I've written different series (stories) but haven't finished them, because simply I've lost interest in most of the fandoms, and once I get a new idea for a new story I back away from the idea because I'm afraid i'll be into it for a few weeks but after that i'll lose interests and leave you (the readers) hanging. Honestly, I really don't want that! So what I'm going to TRY to do... TRY!... is finally finish Frosty by the end of summer, and maybe finish the big four. Now let me tell about the HUGE  problem about that fanfic, the beginning is rather boring because all it's really about is Jack having dreams about every single member of the big four (Hiccup, Merida, and Rapunzel) to get to know them, and also meet the upcoming enemies in this wild adventure. But that whole process is really long AND RATHER BORING because once I've finished that, the idea is that Jack will talk about this to Sandy who will then explain to him that "Hey Jack! Maybe you're getting all these weird dreams for a reason! Maybe MiM is giving you these weird dreams! But don't ask me because i'm not sure" Once this rather weird of a conversation of images ends, Jack goes back to North's thinking this whole crazy idea through, and BOOM. Portals will magically appear with GUESS WHO? Punz, Hiccup, and Merida. Jack is going to go into panic mode, and realize that Sandy was right. They're all going to interact with each other, and yada yada yada. THE ADVENTURE FINALLY BEGINS! but that whole process is crazy long and probably super boring for you (the readers) So honestly I have no idea what to do with that fanfic. Now enough complaining here is the next part! (P.S: If you've read everything since the beginning, and made it this far....You're crazy because even i wouldn't go this far into reading all this... cra...I mean stuff. *cough*)  I've had new ideas for other fanfics! Here are the following:

- Pretty much Rewriting the whole entire story of How to train your dragon 2 by adding a new character Runa. Hiccup's little sister into this amazing movie! It will be exactly the same as the movie just adding or changing some little parts in the movie like SPOILER IS COMING UP AHEAD SO SCROLL DOWN OR SOMETHING! changing how Stoick died, and adding more hand on hand action in the movie which I wish they had more of...

-Collaborating with a fellow deviant to write a story where Runa will appear along with Jack, Merida, and their son, Punz and Eugene, and their daughter, and voila. Pretty much will be how Runa starts off as an outcast like Hiccup when he was her age, and wants to be something more than a loser, and there's going to have a war between the vikings, and the Scots. (Still have to check if she's still on board to write it) 

-Rewrite Frozen by adding Jack Frost in it along with of course the baddest of them all Pitch Black! Hell yeah! I'm not planing on putting Jack, and Elsa as a couple in the end. Just helping each other out, changing a few things in the movie, etc. 

-Writing a complete original fanfic about two teenagers a guy named Alex, and a girl named Megan that are best friends that work for the military, and have magical powers awesome fighting skills, and have their job to kill people, or if they go easy... arrest them. :D 

So yeah tell me what you guys think! Again sorry for everything guys! Love you guys! Keep being awesome I know you will! Thank you for reading! 


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How's it going bros??

I'm a directioner/ snowflake. I love to write, and i'm planning to write a book, and publish it by the end of this summer. I love pewdiepie, and tobuscus. I have a dog, and a cat. The book i'm writting is progressing into a movie. And, and, and, and I like Pizza. xD

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