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I snapped my eyes open, after hearing my brother, and his friends yelling over a video game. I walked sleepily towards my window, there was frost all over it, I opened my window to find a winter wonderland all over the city. I smiled at the beauty of the snow, but felt a cold breeze enter my room. I shivered, and changed into my winter outfit. I ran down stairs, and had a song stuck in my head. I quickly made breakfast, and ran to the door.
"Where do you think you're going?" My brother asked while having an Xbox controller in his hand.
"Why do you care? mom, and dad let me in charge." I grabbed the car keys, and opened the door.
"Oh no you're not going to take the car! Especially my car!" my brother 18 year old brother yelled.
"I'M IN CHARGE!" I stuck out my tongue at my brother, ran outside with the car keys, and closed the door.
"Dude I can't believe your sister is in charge when she is 17 years old!" all of my brothers friends laughed, my brother told them to shut up. I made my way to the car, and watched this amazing view of my town. My whole drive way was covered in snow, and ice. There was no one in the streets probably because of the cold weather. I put they key in the key hole of my brothers blue car, and then a second later it was completely frozen in what 3 seconds.
"That was strange…" I looked at the car, and tried to open the car door, but it wouldn't, "You gotta be kidding me! UGH!" I kicked the car, and stormed off. I looked back at the car, and noticed something on the roof. I looked closer, and noticed it was someone on my roof. After I realized that it was a person on my roof, whoever it was jumped off, and disappeared in thin air.
"First the car freeze's, and next thing you know there was a person on the roof. What strange morning!" I took out my iPod put my favorite song (decode by paramore) I felt like running, but where? A thought came into my mind the park. I started with a jog, and started to run real fast. The next thing I noticed I was on the icy floor.
"Ow!" I put my hands on my head; my back was hurting like hell. I was looking at the sky until this guy  was looking at me, but he was upside down.
"That was stupid to run on ice…" The boy smirked. He had silver white hair, blue sky eyes, and pale skin. To be honest he was pretty cute.
"Yeah well, I felt like running okay! Thanks for asking if I was okay…" I got up. The teen got closer to my face.
"You can see me…?" He stared at me. I gazed into his blue eyes it took me a minute or two.
"Of course I can! I might've hit my head hard on the ice, BUT NOT THAT HARD!" I pushed him away from my face, and stormed off. I walked this time, I was looking for my IPod in my pocket, but it wasn't there.
"Great…I lost my IPod! Could this get any worse?!" I was almost at the park, and I was happy to be almost there. The park is like my second home in a way, plus my brother Sam wasn't there to bother me. There were some kids playing in the snow, and I was surrounded by a bunch of trees that were covered in snow. I found myself a bench, and sat down. I was watching the kids that were throwing snowballs at each other. I was enjoying the cold, and the peace and quiet of the park. Something disturbed my view… there was the earplugs of my IPod tangling in front of my face. I turned around, and faced the teen with silver white hair. He smirked at me.
"I think this is yours…" The teen looked at me. I was about to grab it, but he put my IPod higher so that I couldn't reach it.
"Give it!" I was annoyed, the teen shook his head.
"No I won't give it to you unless you tell me your name." He smirked again.
"You got to be kidding me! You can't do that, and I don't even know you!" I yelled at him, but he still wouldn't give it, "Ugh!"
"I'm waiting…" He grinned. I looked away.
"Megan…" I whispered I still was looking away.
"I didn't hear… what did you say?" he smirked. I looked in at him.
"Megan" I paused, "My name is Megan". The teen grinned, and gave my iPod back.
"And you are?" I smirked at him.
"Name's Jack…Jack Frost" he had this stick on his shoulders. I laughed, while Jack had a serious look on his face.
"So you tell me that I was stupid to run on ice, bring back my IPod, and tell me you're Jack Frost. Thee Jack Frost, the guy who brings winter to the world!" I stared at him as if he was crazy.
"Fine…Don't believe me." Jack walked away, but then stopped turned around, "But first…" He ran towards me, grabbed be by the waist, and shot through the sky with me. I saw the whole city bellow me, my eyes widened, I took me time to realize that we were FLYING! I couldn't believe my eyes we were flying, we were flying, I still couldn't believe it! Jack laughed.
"You scared of heights?" Jack asked.
"No I'm not scared of heights…why?" I was starting to worry why he asked that question. Jack smirked, the next minute I free falling I was screaming all the way down. Jack caught me at the last minute, my eyes were still closed shut, and I found myself holding tightly Jack. Jack couldn't stop laughing.
"I thought you weren't scared of heights…" Jack was still laughing.
"Yeah well! You try free falling to your doom!" I was so mad at Jack.  Jack laughed, and shook his head. I loved the wind that was moving my hair it felt nice, and awesome.
"Are you always this immature?" I smirked.
"Immature! I'm the guardian of fun, and winter. I'm fun to be around with, that's all." Jack smirked.
"Mhm…I have no idea how people deal with you." I shook my head.
"They don't." Jack laughed, and so did I, "Hold on!" We went super fast, and did a loop. This time I screamed not because I was falling to my doom, but because of how much I was enjoying it. After Jack dove towards the ground, at an impossible speed.
"Jack?" I wasn't sure if I should say something or not. I looked up at his face, and it looked like he knew what he was doing. When we were only 6 meters away from the ground he stopped slowly, and landed softly on a frozen lake. Jack dropped me on my feet.
"Do you believe me know?" Jack leaned on his stick thing.
"After that amazing ride in the air… Yes I do believe that you're Jack Frost." I smiled.
"Why are we on a frozen lake?" I looked at jack raising an eye brow.
"This is my home…" Jack said softly.
"You live on a lake…?" I said sarcastically. Jack laughed.
"I lived around this lake for a very long time…" he stared at the ground.
"How long…?" I was curious.
"300 years… probably even more…" He looked at me. My jaw was open, how could Jack live here for 300 or even more years.
"3-3-300 years." I stuttered, "You're old…" I blurted out, and then I started to laugh. Jack shook his head with a huge smile on his face.
"You know what I'm going to call you grandpa from now on!" I said confidently.
"Grandpa? Really? For once you're the immature one!" Jack laughed. I grabbed some snow around me, and made a snowball. I played around with it, as if it was a baseball.
"Oh really?" I continued to play with the snowball.
"You don't want to mess with me in a snowball fight…" he smirked.
"Bring it on grandpa!" I threw a snowball at him, and threw like 5 snowballs back at me. How could he do that, then I realized 'He is Jack Frost the winter spirit or known as the snowball master.' I ran towards a tree to take cover, and made some more snowballs. I peeked out of the tree trunk, and he wasn't there. I scratched my head, 'where did I he go?' I thought I looked the other side, and found him. He was floating upside down, and had his hood on. He scared the hell out of me, and as a reflex I threw the snowball at his face. He didn't look to happy, I was laughing.
"I'm sorry it was a reflex!" I said while laughing. He had a suspicious look on his face, instead of running for my life I blurted out.
"Shit…" Then I finally ran for my life. Jack grabbed me, and put a snowball down my jacket sending shivers down my back it wasn't pleasant at all. We both laughed, and fell in the snow.
"Thanks Jack…" I smiled at him.
"For what?" Jack was lost, and expecting to yell at him.
"Thanks for the best day ever, I never had so much fun in my life." I looked at the beautiful of the snow covered mountains, it was almost night time. Jack was relieved that I didn't yell at him I could see it on his face.
"Hey no problem!" he smiled back.
"Jack? Why do you have that stick always with you?" I really wanted to know what it was; it was bothering me all day. Jack looked at me like I said something wrong, like almost I offended him.
"This is not just a stick; it's a staff that enhances my powers. Without this I wouldn't fly, or even make winter." He gets up finds a flower, touches it with his STAFF, and makes a snow globe out of it. It was beautiful; he walked over to me, and showed it to me. I was mesmerized by the flower snow globe.
"I'm sorry I offended your stick…I mean staff…" they both laughed.
"Do you want to go ice skating?" Jack said energetically.
"Isn't it getting late?" I was worried that my parents, wait my parents aren't here. I realized that my parents weren't here after I asked the question, "Never mind about that let's go ice skating! Wait I have no ice skates…"
"That's not a problem…" he smirked he grabbed my foot, and made homemade ice skates. He grabbed my other foot, and did the same.
"I under estimated you Jack." I laughed. Jack finished my ice skates, and helped me get on the ice.
"You do know how to ice skate right?" Jack was hoping that I would say no so he could teach me, and flirt with me.
"Yes I do! I ice skate all the time!" I was so excited to be on the ice, but I saw Jack have a disappointed look on his face.
"Come on grandpa!" I laughed, and saw Jack smile. I started to spin really fast, then brutally stop. I skated in a circular way around the lake, and do a few figure skating like jumps. I love ice skating its awesome. I found Jack skating bare foot. My eyes widened.
"Jack? are you always bare foot?" I pointed out while skating backwards.
"Yup…Hey since you're at ease on the ice why don't we do a race?"  Jack smirked.
"I have an even better idea a race and a snowball fight at the same time." I smirked back, "what do you say grandpa?" Jack already had snowballs ready, and went on the side, and got some. We both started at the same point, and raced it was awesome. I was in the lead for the moment, and ice skated backwards I started to throw snowballs at Jack, but Jack caught up with me. I ran out of snowballs, so the main was goal was to beat Jack. Sooner or later after dodging or even receiving snowballs Jack stopped magically bring out snowballs, and raced.  We were head to head, and we ended up as a tie.
"I won!" Jack said victoriously.
"What! NO! It was a tie!" Since when did Jack think that he had won?
"Yeah yeah." He smirked. I shook my head, and continued to skate circularly around the lake, but not as fast as before. Jack did exactly the same thing, but instead he was in front of me, I catched up. I grabbed Jack by the shoulders, and made some what a chain. Jack was skating backwards controlling where we were going, and I was skating forwards bringing the speed. We both talked about many things while skating like that. It was the first time I enjoyed hanging out with a guy; sure he was immature at times, but hey! nobody's perfect. After a while Jack and I weren't saying anything at all just staring at each other, but something bothered us a ROCK! Before I could tell Jack what we were about to hit he fell making me fall with him, and landing on him.
"Ow!" Jack said while laughing.
"Thanks for breaking my fall!" I laughed.
"No problem it's what I do, I'm not only the guardian of fun, and winter. I am also the guardian of being people's cushion when they fall." Jack hugged his stomach, and laughed. I got rolled off Jack, and laughed with him. We both laid there looking at the stars, Jack had his hands behind his head, and watched the moon. It looked as if he was talking to it, but that would be too crazy. I stayed there thinking if this day was a dream, it was an impossible, and unbelievable day. Finally Jack got up grabbed my hand, and pulled me up.
"I'm going to take you home you look tired, and I think we've done too many things for one day" he smirked. He picked me up, and we flew into the air with an amazing view of the town at night. He opened my window, and dropped me off on my bed. He smiled at me, and said good night. Just before he left, he left the flower snow globe he had made on my desk.
"See ya soon Megan" he said softly.
"Will I see you again grandpa?" I smirked
"Yes you will…" he said again softly. Jack made a snowflake, and made it fall on my nose. He closed the window, and left.
This story is for Mayvi's contest which is due for the 31st. It's about me spending a day with Jack Frost. :D
Mayvi Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Nice job, very cute!
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Really? Thanks :DDD
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