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Who's side are you really on? by Frostismylife Who's side are you really on? :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 39 10
Killers Chapter 1
“Don’t you love our job?” A tall blonde teen aged boy said sarcastically as he watched his prey down below in the streets running for its life. The boy was in a crouched position on the very edge of a tall old building, and kept looking at his prey.
“Yeah, I totally love chasing people who actually think they can out run us. Tell me again why we got this job again?” This time it was a teenage girl with a brown pixie haircut, not as tall as the boy but nearly the same height, she put her gloves on, and looked down the building.
“Because we’re the best of the best, and it’s what we signed up for, remember?” The boy looked up at his partner.
“Yeah yeah... Being the lap dogs of the military.” She whispered, and glancing at her partner one last time. She lowered her hands to have two blades come out of her long black sleeved T-shirt, she held a tight grasp onto them, and jump
:iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 1 3
How long are you going to keep this up? by Frostismylife How long are you going to keep this up? :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 104 6 You'll never be alone. by Frostismylife You'll never be alone. :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 150 58 Woah... by Frostismylife Woah... :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 74 27
Frosty Chapter 7
June had her hood on, and rested her head on the cage. There was some light that had entered in the lair, and some rays of light found themselves in June’s cage. The light was on her hand, and June played with it. She’s been in the dark for 2 days now, and finally she got some light. She twirled her hand through the light, and managed to smile a bit. But her smile faded as she saw the light shine on her mark on her hand. June quickly hid her hand from the light, and closed her eyes shut it.
“I need to get out of here.” June whispered, “I can’t take this anymore.” June hears another child scream in fear, but it sounded familiar. June snapped her eyes open when she recognized the scream.
“Sophie.” June quickly got up, “SOPHIE!!!” June screamed.  She looked around the lair trying to find her sister just as June turned around she was face to face with Pitch.
“Something wrong, June?” Pitch smirked. June glare
:iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 6 6
Do You Want To Build A Snowman? by Frostismylife Do You Want To Build A Snowman? :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 142 57 SHUT UP JACK! by Frostismylife SHUT UP JACK! :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 136 58
Frosty Chapter 6
The girl in the picture on top is what my OC looks like in my view (She looks like Jodie in Beyond two souls)
Frosty Chapter 6
At Pitch’s lair
Pitch threw June into a cage, and locked the door. He then strolled down to his chair, and summoned a nightmare next to him to pet it.
“Now this is interesting MiM, you brought back a random girl to life, and gave her the power to absorb other guardian’s power. And you thought you could hide something this big away from me for how long?" Pitch paused as he got off from his chair, and walked down the steps of his lair, "Once she’s under my control the guardians won’t know what hit them, and when that day comes the guardians will die. Fear will thrive through the world, and nothing will stop me.”
“So you’re saying that June might know how to use her powers?” Tooth stares at Jack.
“Well, it’s the only explanation of the huge wave of ice.”
:iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 6 3
Rapunzel joining the dark side. by Frostismylife Rapunzel joining the dark side. :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 62 49 Jack and his smile by Frostismylife Jack and his smile :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 149 72 Cooking?! Seriously?! by Frostismylife Cooking?! Seriously?! :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 67 40 Secret of the seasons by Frostismylife Secret of the seasons :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 267 59 Jackunzel :3 by Frostismylife Jackunzel :3 :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 85 16 Meet Eugene. by Frostismylife Meet Eugene. :iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 181 82
Frosty chapter 5
Frosty chapter 5
“Show yourself Pitch!” Jack growled, and Pitch laughed. Jack kept pointing his staff in every direction, Pitch appeared in a distance, but they couldn’t see him, well because of the fog. Jack noticed something in the distance sent a patch of ice towards it, but it hit nothing. Pitch laughed again. Jack started to get frustrated. Suddenly a Nightmare came out of nowhere, and attacked Jack.
“JACK!” June yelled, while running towards him, but Pitch stopped her. He had grabbed her from the back, and dragged her away from the scene. June kept screaming, but after a while Pitch had covered her mouth to not draw too much attention. Jack had already come to the rescue he didn’t want the others to come.  June kept on struggling to get loose, but had no chance with Pitch’s strength. June held on tightly to Pitch’s arm to try to move it away once she tried it again for the 4th time. A huge spark appeared making Pitch yell in pain, a
:iconfrostismylife:Frostismylife 5 3


Tadashi Hamada X Reader: Robot Geeks.
Tonight is going to be the best night ever....for [Friend's name] to be exact.
In other words High school prom night! Which made poor little you curl up into
a ball, in the conner.
"Oh come on [Y/n], stop making that face!" [Friend's name] said, curling her lashes.
"But I don't want to go!" You pouted, almost slamming your head against the counter top.
"Well to bad because I already did your hair and makeup, now stop doing that and go
put on the dress, I picked out for you!" She ordered, placing a red lip gloss on her lips.
You made a loud sigh, looking at the beautiful [Favorite color] colored dress, that was
spread across the bed. It was a finger tip length, lacy dress, looking to the side, it was paired
up with cute platforms. Sure you would wear it for eternity but not to the prom.
"Why do I have to go!?" You pouted again.
"Oh hush child~" [Friend's name] threw the clothing at your face, pushing you to the bathroom
to change.
A couple seconds later, the door opened slowly, revealin
:iconvampneko-demon:VampNeko-Demon 397 31
Rin Okumura x Reader - Bittersweet Goodbye
Art by the talented :iconrumi-kuu: 

He was reluctant to let go of her.
The only woman he ever loved.
And who loved him in return. 
But as fate would have it, the two would not be meant to be.
It was a beautiful summer morning. The inchoate sun stretching out into the sky; a glittering jewel of fantastic light. It dawned ever so majestically over Asiyah.
And then there was something not so majestic. Or rather someone. 
The half-demonling sprawled in his sleep, snoring loudly. Light beams emanating from the sun graced his closed eyelids. He groaned and shielded his tiresome eyes with a pillow. 
"Rise and shine Rin," his bright and early roommate said.  
Rin grunted unwillingly. But his roommate wasn't keen on letting him sleep. As class rep, he condoned that behavior. He pulled out an air horn and blew it in Rin's ear. Rin's eyes snapped open and he woke with a start.
"What the hell Yukio?! You could
:iconlady-paladin-skye:Lady-Paladin-Skye 72 9
FMA Valentine by CharlotteSketches FMA Valentine :iconcharlottesketches:CharlotteSketches 13 1
Mature content
Marriage Life Kagami x Reader [1] [RQ] :iconkagami-rio:Kagami-Rio 88 15
Dark Big Four by TreepeltA113 Dark Big Four :icontreepelta113:TreepeltA113 103 20
Kagami Taiga x Reader - Red
AN: I finally got free time! So I decided to write a KNB reader insert because I recently watched the anime and loved it! Also, season 3 came out last Saturday, so why not!
You couldn't believe that you had developed a crush on your best friend. You felt like it was ridiculous. Often, you would brush it off as friendly love, nothing more, but as time went by, it started to feel genuine. 
You didn't know if Kagami liked you that way, but you were happy being just close friends with him. If he was happy, you were happy. You believed that your love for him as something more would go away as the school year went by, but you were wrong. 
You had started to notice that you had been blushing around him more than usual. He had noticed as well. Kagami had started to think that maybe you were sick. He decided that he was going to get an answer to his question at lunch. 
It was finally lunch time and he took a seat in front of you, as usual. You both greeted each other a
:iconbouncingnarwhals:bouncingnarwhals 140 11
ROTG/BH6 Fanart - Christmas 2014 by BonBonPich ROTG/BH6 Fanart - Christmas 2014 :iconbonbonpich:BonBonPich 551 36 Chill Out, Marshall by NYAHproductions Chill Out, Marshall :iconnyahproductions:NYAHproductions 166 43
Mature content
Delsin Rowe x Reader A Conduit's Game Ch. 52 :iconfireriver7:Fireriver7 31 10
Shh.. I love you too by PegasisterXiane13 Shh.. I love you too :iconpegasisterxiane13:PegasisterXiane13 175 23 Oh Andrew by IAmZBEST Oh Andrew :iconiamzbest:IAmZBEST 86 81
Mature content
Delsin Rowe x Reader A Conduit's Game Ch. 47 :iconfireriver7:Fireriver7 49 57
Mature content
Delsin Rowe x Reader A Conduit's Game Ch. 46 :iconfireriver7:Fireriver7 41 16
You deserve better (Aomine x Reader)
(f/n) or (y/n) = First name
(l/n) = Last name
(bf/n) = boyfriend's name
You were sitting alone on a bench under the pouring rain, the rain was hiding the tears that were falling down on your face. Why were you crying? Because you're boyfriend was cheating on you since the beginning of your relationship and you didn't knew until he humiliated you in front of the whole school.
The next day, you didn't go to school, pretending you were sick. Your mother didn't trust you but she couldn't make you go to school so you stayed in your bed, crying all day until you heard banging on your door. You didn't bother moving out of your (f/c) blanket, you went downstairs to open the door, outside you saw the familiar face of Aomine Daiki, your bestfriend.
“(y/n) open the door! I known you're there!” He screamed.
You sighed and opened the door. Aomine looked at you and made a 'tch' sound. He was clearly annoyed.
“You look horrible!” He said.
That was true, your eyes were
:iconknb-girls:KnB-Girls 82 27
Mature content
Delsin Rowe x Reader A Conduit's Game Ch. 32 :iconfireriver7:Fireriver7 35 12



Hello people of the internet! It's been ages hasn't it? You have no idea how busy I've been from getting good grades in school, my whole family losing all of our laptops because they're all at least 5 years old, and gave up on life. Plus a bunch of family crap going it's been a long year that's all I have to say really. xD Okay so now that i have a new laptop (well already used but hey it works) I can finally write some more! So I know I've written different series (stories) but haven't finished them, because simply I've lost interest in most of the fandoms, and once I get a new idea for a new story I back away from the idea because I'm afraid i'll be into it for a few weeks but after that i'll lose interests and leave you (the readers) hanging. Honestly, I really don't want that! So what I'm going to TRY to do... TRY!... is finally finish Frosty by the end of summer, and maybe finish the big four. Now let me tell about the HUGE  problem about that fanfic, the beginning is rather boring because all it's really about is Jack having dreams about every single member of the big four (Hiccup, Merida, and Rapunzel) to get to know them, and also meet the upcoming enemies in this wild adventure. But that whole process is really long AND RATHER BORING because once I've finished that, the idea is that Jack will talk about this to Sandy who will then explain to him that "Hey Jack! Maybe you're getting all these weird dreams for a reason! Maybe MiM is giving you these weird dreams! But don't ask me because i'm not sure" Once this rather weird of a conversation of images ends, Jack goes back to North's thinking this whole crazy idea through, and BOOM. Portals will magically appear with GUESS WHO? Punz, Hiccup, and Merida. Jack is going to go into panic mode, and realize that Sandy was right. They're all going to interact with each other, and yada yada yada. THE ADVENTURE FINALLY BEGINS! but that whole process is crazy long and probably super boring for you (the readers) So honestly I have no idea what to do with that fanfic. Now enough complaining here is the next part! (P.S: If you've read everything since the beginning, and made it this far....You're crazy because even i wouldn't go this far into reading all this... cra...I mean stuff. *cough*)  I've had new ideas for other fanfics! Here are the following:

- Pretty much Rewriting the whole entire story of How to train your dragon 2 by adding a new character Runa. Hiccup's little sister into this amazing movie! It will be exactly the same as the movie just adding or changing some little parts in the movie like SPOILER IS COMING UP AHEAD SO SCROLL DOWN OR SOMETHING! changing how Stoick died, and adding more hand on hand action in the movie which I wish they had more of...

-Collaborating with a fellow deviant to write a story where Runa will appear along with Jack, Merida, and their son, Punz and Eugene, and their daughter, and voila. Pretty much will be how Runa starts off as an outcast like Hiccup when he was her age, and wants to be something more than a loser, and there's going to have a war between the vikings, and the Scots. (Still have to check if she's still on board to write it) 

-Rewrite Frozen by adding Jack Frost in it along with of course the baddest of them all Pitch Black! Hell yeah! I'm not planing on putting Jack, and Elsa as a couple in the end. Just helping each other out, changing a few things in the movie, etc. 

-Writing a complete original fanfic about two teenagers a guy named Alex, and a girl named Megan that are best friends that work for the military, and have magical powers awesome fighting skills, and have their job to kill people, or if they go easy... arrest them. :D 

So yeah tell me what you guys think! Again sorry for everything guys! Love you guys! Keep being awesome I know you will! Thank you for reading! 


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